It is often said that the world is a small place; it isn't. It is a vast, colorful expanse, packed full of people we haven't met yet, and wonderful tales left to be told.

We are storytellers - united by a common belief that underneath the surface lie extraordinary accounts that will enlighten us all and encourage us to pursue our own adventures.

Dispatched with our cameras or simply with a child-like sense of wonder, we believe it is the exception, not the rule to always make it from point A to point B. We seek that diversion.

Through our films, photography, and stories, this detour opens ourselves up to new places, experiences and perspectives. Indeed we are at home in the middle of nowhere, and whether that remoteness is simply a state of mind or a firm place on which to survey our surroundings, it is the Bureau's position that it shall not go unnoticed... or at least undocumented.


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